Full Support!!!!!!!!!!!!
ANDREA ESU -“E.S.U. Track”
Relish Recordings!!!


Full Support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

E’ uscito su Relish Records l’EP del nostro super resident dj ANDREA ESU “E.S.U. Track”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ascoltatevi la traccia originale, il Remix di Hannulelauri, e date un’occhiata ai “Suuuuuuuuuper Feedback” degli altri djs!

ANDREA ESU – E.S.U. Track by Andrea Esu


TENSNAKE: Liking this a lot! full support for Andrea!
THE MAGICIAN: original is ACE!

PILOOSKI: Original mix is the funk, Hannulelauri mix is dope too. Will play!
TREVOR JACKSON: Both versions massive. Another relish club classic!

MUNK: Big one!!!! is he the new simonetti? 🙂
DJ MEHDI: Best reverb work I’ve heard since ‘Enjoy The Silence’!
XINOBI: I’m so happy to see Andrea making music. Specially as it is good music. Both original and the remix sound great.
MERCURY: The Original is boombastico…..
BOTTIN: Big up for l-ektrica sound, love the original
SEVERINO (Horse Meat Disco): THIS IS SICK!!! Fantastic ….remix is hot too but the original bass is killer
OOFT!: Diggin’ the retro vibes of the original for sure. Good stuff
FABRIZIO MAMMARELLA: Hannulelauri sounds very strong ,perfect for any dancefloor , anyway my favorite track is the original mix!
SPILLER: Very nice, original mix for me. House with capital H!
JAD AND THE LADYBOY: Wow! This is probably the best promo I’ve got for some time! DOPE.
LUMINODISCO: Authentic old school BOMB! love the bassline..and killer remix by hannulelauri! full support. Go ESU GO!
TELONIUS: Great track will play it.
GOLDEN BUG: Both versions are coolwill play it for sure
NATHAN GREGORY WILKINS: One of those rare singles where I love both sides!!! More please.





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